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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2013 9:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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meeting on january 22 in north beach regarding the site project we were happy to hear that the board meeting one month ago today that mr. nolan and mr. rifkin -- we scheduled a meeting we notified your office that it will be held at 630 p.m. tuesday march 25 lombard street. we look forward to your visit to north beach we've sent a letter on march 14 outlining what we would like to accomplish in addition to the letter we sent a set of questions you will return by march 20th tomorrow i
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would appreciate it also if you would let us know which members of your staff will be in attendance so we can welcome them and include their names on the meeting agenda and other board members are also welcome to attend in closing the neighborhood looks forward to a productive meeting with you next tuesday thank you, sir. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> charlie walk er followed by -- and. >> good afternoon does it seem racial to you members on the board. the police knocked on black people's door told us we couldn't park in our own driver 's anymore and gave tickets to
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predominantly black people we need to know if this is a racial thing with you all or what it is really all about. where muni said that -- they have not done that in 10 years but yet the city manager comes to a meeting tells us we're going to put the parking lots up there for you black folks but you got to be patient. they haven't provided one parking space now you all got third street used to be a 6 lane road now it's a one lane road because they put the bicycle lane and the street cars and now we got one lane for cars and is that just for us in bay view? just tell us the name of the game so we can
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learn how to play it. it's extremely unfair and it seems racial to us that you guys would tell the police to come out here in our community and give every black person a ticket that was parked in his own drive way they told us and they told me at my home that we can't park in the drive way no more by your orders so what are we supposed to do? give us the rules where we can park our cars where you guys are taking the spaces up and there ain't no place to park what are we supposed to do. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon i was born and raised in san francisco i've been a car driver about five years about last year i left yellow cab went to work for -- i was a little diss enchanted since then i left and
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came back to yellow cab and they were kind enough to accept me back what happened at uber they flooded the market with car and see my income went down by 40 percent and i see that's about to happen here. to add 500 taxi cabs and i was told that the number is more realistically 250 which -- it would be like thank you thank you for adding 500 i understand that's the way politics works but i urge you to see if you can try to make the taxis work better not everybody wants a taxi is always going to get a taxi when they want one it doesn't work like that in new york or chicago or anymore. to make them work more
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efficiently than adding more taxis you are not solving the problem by adding more taxis. there's people at hunter's point who don't get taxis when they need them. so try to make the ones we have work better. thank you. >> thank you next speaker. >> ed healy -- [inaudible]. >> my favorite thing here it says here to expand both public scrutiny and you know this is a political consulting agency that's holding back public information this survey was done last year in the middle of
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last year and you have added more cabs you have not released the report this is your report to release anytime you want from the people that don't get out of the house very often i'd just like to show you some pictures. this is triple -- five cow on the third on the 4th at 6: 06 for the people that don't get out of the house and this is triple five cow on the 29th at 5: 20, 6: 40 on the 30th last month triple five is 1140 this is the high i hyattregency -- 7: 18. it
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speaks for itself. this is the cal train depot on a tuesday. this is tuesday. this is tuesday. castro okay lined up. different times of the day you know the times are different the days are different but the picture is still the same it's still the same. we don't need cabs all the time. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> followed by ed, healey and mic -- [inaudible] and then joan wood.
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>> good afternoon welcome back. >> good afternoon mr. chair man members of the board i'm here to speak on a couple of items first let me follow up on something that john -- said about taxi stands. i think the sooner we get taxi stands back where they belong the better the taxi service is going to be in this city and to follow up on something that mr. -- [inaudible] said to come up with any decision they may not make any decisions regarding illegal limosines in my
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lifetime and i say that partly tongue and cheek because i hope i am wrong but i have never seen any action -- [inaudible] and you know the thing is i think one of the rulings that the state puc made was we're not going to fine you until we look into everything. apparently, take that to mean -- i think that they are operating illegally right now so i think you as the board have
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the authority to ask for that. >> thank you. >> joan wood, john horn. >> is there any other members of the public who wish to address the board if they can fill out a speaker card and bring that to me, it would be appreciated. thank you. >> mr. heal ye? >> good afternoon. now the mic is on. [laughter] i was reading the economist you are going to be holding a world cup
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coming up here and how are you going to explain to the public that may get hurt by these vehicles that you have not only stopped these vehicles from going on but actively encouraged thousands of illegal vehicles to take the street. thank you i wish you would pass that information on to the mayor. >> thank you speaker. >> joan wood, john horn. >> good afternoon. and members of the board. i've been driving since 1981 and my problem is with these bicycles they are increasing all the time. you are eliminating the city is eliminating the lanes at valencia avenue and it takes a long time to get to the destination and this bicycle
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lane most of them they don't really care about the -- they block the corners they go every where so i wish we had a more room for them but i don't think so it's a good idea to eliminating a 2 lane street and making bicycle lane and creating more conjestion air pollution and also we are the cab drivers and when we start our shift we have to make 140 dollars to break even so our income is going down because of conjestion and the crowds so i wish you could have different kinds of alternative for bicycles because it just keeps increasing and it's causing troubles most of them they don't follow the rules i hope they should enforce some kind of rules for these people so
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they could obey the traffic law. thank you very much. >> next speaker please. >> joan wood followed by john horn and ron collins. >> good afternoon sir. >> good afternoon all of you. i'm second generation and living in north beach continuous ly since 1962 which is a long time. i'm here because our elected representative david chew seems to have stopped representing us he won't call a community meeting the last community meeting was cut short by a fire alarm with a whole lot of unanswered questions i'm sure you received our march 14th letter that we have had to
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schedule ourselves because mr. chew doesn't answer our requests for the questions to be answered or about another community meeting. mr. nolan you have acknowledged and mr. rifkin you have acknowledged -- back in december we were given five options for where they could be extracted one of them was clear down on columbus and taylor streets which is totally unrealistic -- and among the five is the chinatown option and now we're told that other circumstances have neg ated -- therefore we're having to have our own community meeting inviting you and experts that you referred to but we've never
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seen any reports as to why chinatown has become infeasible so it's going to disrupt us for years and years and i want you to think about that thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please? >> john horn followed by ron collins and mark gruber. >> i wrote 2 letters to chris, hiaschi i was very surprised how mr. -- conducted the session. the process was so narrow and ridged. he lost track of a half hour during the whole session and tried to make it up but didn't do a good job of it. there were at least
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4 drivers in my group who were clearly not native english speakers and i was wondering if the focus group took that into consideration they didn't seem to be listening at all any way the focus group is flawed and there's very little actual exchange going on i asked twice about what the mta is doing regarding practical enforcement of the cease and desist order did not receive an answer so i thought the focus group was flawed and that was basically what i wanted to say. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> ron collins, mark gruberg and jay cob, novak.
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>> i work for yellow cab for over 30 years. 500 more cabs out on the street don't do this you are really going to hurt these guys. these guys pay bills just like you. if you put 500 more cabs out there, you are going to cut into their income. i don't think anyone wants to lose 40 percent of their income i don't think so. these guys can drive for any cab company. they don't need to be out there. i haven't seen one memo with an medallion but yet they are taking all the business from us that's wrong and that's the main point no more cabs and the mustache cab they are taking these guys
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business -- applause i would urge you no more cabs think about your income think about your children these guys pay their bills that's the backbone of america right there they need to make an income. if you vote for 500 cabs you are voting for unemployment in an economy that as a terrible recession why vote for unemployment vote for employment no more hoover cabs no more mustache cabs. thank you sir. thank you very much have a nice day. >> applause. >> jacob, novak, robyn low. >> good afternoon. united taxi cab workers first i want to say that the confusion around these
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meetings is really doing a lot of harm. our taxi newsletter was obsolete before it came back from the printer the flyers that we made for the meeting are did destined for the garbage. i can't see how you can good forward at this point with any kind of a coherent decision until we know what's going to happen with uber and side car and lift the california public utilities commission currently has a proceeding going on supposed to term innate 6 months from the time it started which would be
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2 months from the time that you know this hearing is going to take place and we are facing an un limited number of vehicles providing the same service that we are and if they get a green light from the state -- they are already going full speed ahead at that point there's nothing to stop them and they are going to drive everybody into the ground and you are helping them and first of all it's your fault that we're facing -- they should have been skwelshed only san francisco sat on their hands and then let the state takeover so put off any hearing on more cabs until we know what the state is doing thank you. applause. >> robyn low. >> next speaker please.
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>> jacob, novak. >> good afternoon. >> good evening you know what? i'm working in this business 25 years already. 4 years it was a little bit low amount for taxi but right now i think it's incredible people cannot found any passenger in the morning if you are going to union square what we can do? you don't put any stops for taxi. you have only 2 stands but they are always full. because uber right now and must ache and other people they start fighting with them every day.
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they open third lot but sometimes when you come in there you are going nine times around to get somewhere and i think wasting money and wasting time what do we need? i think first we need to control checking what is going on with this business. because people right now they cannot make it 20 dollars a day. everybody have to pay bills everybody have to go. every 10 dollars an hour average right now a couple of years ago i make one hundred dollars gross i pay 120
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to company how much i bring home? nobody count. nobody cares. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> robyn low. >> next speaker please? >> robyn low, statnum sing and peter jacobs. >> any one of those folks here? >> is robyn low here? no. mr. sing here? >> good afternoon sir. >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. i'm from desoto cab i'm working here this last 6 years and every year we saw how many cabs coming on the road. that makes our living more difficult and you guys are added 500 cabs that's going to hurt all of these drivers. you
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guys have to stop the uber and the limosine they steal all our business. we came fifty miles from the city to work. thank you very much. >> next speaker please. >> peter jacob followed by -- >> good afternoon mr. jacobs. >> good afternoon. i wish to say that when it comes to the re distribution -- i think they should absolutely be redistributed on even basis to all full service cab companies and only to the cab companies that are willing to provide healthcare to the drivers and the mta should be helpful in reducing the payment for those
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so that we can afford to do that. 50/50 and we're submitting a proposal to you and we're going to do a more comprehensive in the coming days. >> thank you look forward to seeing it. >> bill mo u.n. dsey. >> good afternoon directors taxi drivers. the train has left. it's brakes have failed. it's going at fullest speed and will crash somewhere. nobody can stop it. she is a liar. she has constantly abuses her power. she continues to give misstatement at each level she's working on a contingent contingency basis not reality. what's going to
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happen near by? you are not listening to drivers. very soon a strike is coming. the whole city will be blocked. applause. this city will be blocked they are so angry they are telling me. nobody will be able to enter the city please listen to the drivers do not be dumbing anybody it's a serious issue. you are scared. you are talking little bit little bit no. you need an intelligent smart guy more smart than hube r give me the power i'll show you how to stop huber if you don't know i'll show you how to stop the
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illegal limosines i will show you how to stop it but you don't have the brains here. it's not a joke it's serious. i have a plan and we will stop them you please get out of your seats and do something. the others are hurt very badly. thank you. applause. >> bill mo u.n. dsey david besada. >> how do you follow that? any way i'm a taxi driver in san francisco i've been a taxi driver for 24 years and i have enough experience belief me you people do not get on the street. you think you know how the cab industry works you don't i promise you you don't. this business is out of control
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with uber you know nothing about these people nothing and they thrive there's even people picking up people in their private cars now. i see them stop and ask them where they want to go nothing is done nothing and we myself i am making less than half the money i used to make a year or two ago less than half. applause. and it's less than minimum wage. are you guys going to make up the money? no. you are not going to do anything you really don't care. listen to the cab drivers. they know. i'm up from medallion i can buy one in the next month i don't know if i'm going to buy one i'm not going to make enough money to pay for it
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unless something is done about this. if i can't buy one -- i'll have to start working for somebody else that can't find drivers. they would rather drive for uber because they can make more money i know somebody right now who has a cab medalion and an limosene please pay attention i know you really don't care none of you. you don't care what we say. you are going to do what you want to do. it's un believable the way you treat cab drivers in this city i wish you would hurry up and make some real decisions. thank you applause . >> david besada,